Trend Alert: Menu Fun!


When it comes to tabletop decor, lately we’ve been noticing that our clients are opting for “fun” versus “stuffy”. Design-savvy couples are loving the addition of stacks of books, antique clocks, putting their own twist (or allowing us to!) on table numbers and with menus! Of course, a printed menu at every seat isn’t a must-do nowadays, but it is a sweet touch and an area where clever couples can let their personalities shine through. Check out some of our favorites from Pinterest:

These gold outlined hexagon menus look super stylish on these round gold trimmed plates.

Am loving the whimsical nature of these illustrations too.

Or maybe you’d rather use a tree trunk? Seriously.

Is it just me or are you also loving these silhouetted black & white beauties?

Fabric?! We love this!

Having fun with fonts is also a fave…

And for a rustic affair, we are loving the homemade feel of this menu.

But for me personally, this accordian style menu might end up on the top of the list! So cute, right???

So, you see, when it comes to your wedding menu you can really have some fun! And if fancy shapes and printing aren’t in your budget? Don’t you worry. Menus can be one of the least expensive parts of your decor. For a buffet, just one sign will do! Or you could even print up a menu (yourself), frame it, and go with one per table. There are no rules, darlings. And this is definitely a decorative item you’ll want to discuss with your planner and caterer. Remember; you don’t have to take eeeeverything on yourself. That’s what WE’RE here for! :)

Now, you go have a lovely day and…bon apetit!

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