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{Vendor Spotlight} The Vintage Table

We hope you all enjoyed a fabulous holiday weekend! We're back with Vendor Love for The Vintage Table and owner Kathy Le Backes. Check out a recent corporate event we worked on with Kathy. Find out more about The Vintage Table below!

Hi Kathy! Can you tell us what your company does? Do you have a specialty?

We specialize in mismatched vintage place settings for rent-- mismatched plates, glassware and flatware to add character and nostalgia to any tabletop. Can you tell us a little about your company and how it started?

The idea started after I got married in 2010. Our aesthetic was very vintage, rustic, eclectic, and when it was all over I found myself with 200 mason jars in the garage and no idea what to do with them. I thought to myself, "I should rent these out for other brides to use!" then the idea expanded to the rest of the tabletop. I've always been a treasure hunter-- I've been shopping at thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales for as long as I can remember -- so how perfect was it to start a business doing something I love?!?

The business just turned two years old this month -- it's been a lot of hard work, networking, collecting and dishwashing, but it's been worth it. I'm looking forward to continuing to grow the business, and to continuing to learn and meet more amazing people along the way. Do you have any advice for couples or clients planning a wedding or large event?

Hire an event planner, like Mint Julep Social Events! When you're getting married or throwing an event, the last thing you need is the enormous amount of stress that comes with event planning. Leave it to the professionals-- they have connections to great vendors so you don't have to do the hunting, and they have experience and resources to help your event go smoothly... so you can just relax and enjoy. We could NOT agree more!! For more info on The Vintage Table visit their website www.thevintagetableco.com or call at 310-210-9298.


{Vendor Spotlight} Buttermilk Truck

Mint Julep gives some Vendor Love today to one of our favorite food providers: The Buttermilk Truck owned by Gigi Pascual (a former Mint Julep bride at that!). Learn more about her company here!

Can you tell us why you do what you do and a little about your journey to get where you are now?

Hello! I am Gigi Pascual and I am the owner of the Buttermilk Truck in Los Angeles. I come from a business and culinary background. After working for small businesses I wanted to open my own and go back to my roots of cooking and food. The Buttermilk Truck is spawned from the absolute love and respect for the meal we call Breakfast. The food truck is the beginning of the Breakfast Brand, serving Los Angeles delicious and simple breakfast faves with a twist.

What is your company known for or what would you like to be known for? Do you have a specialty?

The Buttermilk Truck is famous in Los Angeles for our red velvet chocolate chip pancake bites. We also have become pretty well known for our Fried Chicken and Cinnamon Waffle. Another signature you cannot miss is the Buttermilk Brick which is hashbrowns, eggs over easy, homemade chorizo gravy and biscuit!

Do you have any advice for couples or clients planning their wedding or any large event?

Late Night Bites into the dancing hours as well as Sunday brunch after the wedding day have become quite popular with couples. A late night snack is a great way to replenish after hours of dancing and Sunday brunch is a wonderful way to enjoy family and friends one last time before they travel back home and you go on your honeymoon. Buttermilk Truck caters for both!

Yum!!! To contact The Buttermilk Truck for your next event or find out where they will be next visit their website!

All images courtesy of http://buttermilktruck.com/.


BIG NEWS!! Mint to Be is LIVE!

We have BIG NEWS! Mint Julep Social Events is now offering online dating consultation services!

These days it seems that marriage-minded singles do better online than in bars. According to an article in The Washington Post, “if you’re in the marketplace for romance, megapixels are now officially more effective than bar-side flirtations.”

Let’s face it; the rise of technology and changes in society have made it more difficult to meet people through traditional methods. People marry later, work longer hours and live farther from family members who might introduce them to a neighbor’s handsome, eligible nephew.

Meeting someone online is no different than meeting at a party, or at a restaurant. Once you’ve met, it’s real life; you either fall for each other or you don’t.

Mint to Be steps in to give you a better chance at getting to the “real life” part of that scenario. In the same way people hire resume writers to reveal, on paper, the best version of themselves (so they actually get asked to that first interview), MJSE is now offering online dating consultation services.

In the real world, we don’t always see ourselves the way other people do. And then to sing our own praises on the internet? Well, it doesn’t come natural to everyone. And that’s where MJSE comes in.

Through a series of conversations we get to know the REAL you and decide what your next move is. Whether we are getting you started in the world of online dating or revamping a dated and ineffective profile, we are here to help. Acting as your trusted confidantes, we will help you navigate the waters; you just relax, be yourself and have fun!

We did a soft launch of the Mint to Be concept in early 2012 and have since, had the pleasure of working with some great men and women in the Los Angeles area. We’ve even celebrated a Mint to Be wedding! We suspect it’s the first of many to come!

Please visit our website for package details, contact michelle@mjse.com or call 323.953.0605 for more detailed information.

Images via Pinterest


Trend Alert: Menu Fun!

When it comes to tabletop decor, lately we've been noticing that our clients are opting for "fun" versus "stuffy". Design-savvy couples are loving the addition of stacks of books, antique clocks, putting their own twist (or allowing us to!) on table numbers and with menus! Of course, a printed menu at every seat isn't a must-do nowadays, but it is a sweet touch and an area where clever couples can let their personalities shine through. Check out some of our favorites from Pinterest:

These gold outlined hexagon menus look super stylish on these round gold trimmed plates.

Am loving the whimsical nature of these illustrations too.

Or maybe you'd rather use a tree trunk? Seriously.

Is it just me or are you also loving these silhouetted black & white beauties?

Fabric?! We love this!

Having fun with fonts is also a fave...

And for a rustic affair, we are loving the homemade feel of this menu.

But for me personally, this accordian style menu might end up on the top of the list! So cute, right???

So, you see, when it comes to your wedding menu you can really have some fun! And if fancy shapes and printing aren't in your budget? Don't you worry. Menus can be one of the least expensive parts of your decor. For a buffet, just one sign will do! Or you could even print up a menu (yourself), frame it, and go with one per table. There are no rules, darlings. And this is definitely a decorative item you'll want to discuss with your planner and caterer. Remember; you don't have to take eeeeverything on yourself. That's what WE'RE here for! :)

Now, you go have a lovely day and...bon apetit!


Something Blue

I came across this tablescape image on Pinterest the other day and fell in love with the blue and white pottery. In no time at all I was scouring the web for more blue images and my Something Blue inspiration board was born! Isn't she pretty??? I love the hint of apple green in there too. This palette would work any time of year; certainly in winter w/ the addition of green apples and coffee beans to the tables and would be super pretty in the spring by adding bowls of limes to the table design.

Feeling blue never looked so beautiful...

All images via Pinterest


{Vendor Spotlight} Flour LA

Hi everyone! Today we are excited to introduce our new Vendor Spotlight column on the blog. In it, we will showcase some of our favorite service providers & locations; you'll find quick interviews and, as always, lots of beautiful eye candy. Enjoy!

First up is Flour LA, one of our trusted (and gorgeous!) "go-to" floral designers. Say hello to owner, Carly Cylinder. Hi Carly. Tell us why you do what you do and a little about your journey to get you to where you are now?

I own Flour LA, and the sister company Flour LA, Jr!, which is a children's party service where kids play with and arrange flowers for birthday parties. I also curate my personal website (www.carlycylinder.com) which has The Pollen Lounge, (launched 12.24.12), where I feature nontraditional florists from all over the world to share creative designs with my audience. In addition, I'm working on a floral design book and producing a related flower tv show. Starting my business out of my home, and then working out of a studio, has led to many opportunities that I otherwise would have never thought of! The name Flour comes from the original conception of a cafe/florist that I planned on opening after working at Rita Flora on La Brea. I started small in El Segundo and then expanded over time. What is your company known for or what would you like to be known for? Do you have a specialty?

Flour LA is an event and wedding florist that specializes in nontraditional designs. We use eco-friendly flowers whenever they are available. I am a huge advocate of the fair trade movement and know which flowers are eco-friendly. Not all are, and I can tell you which ones are local and organic. For weddings, our brides tend to stick with more traditional designs, while events and parties are usually a bit more out-of-the-box. We've done everything from 10 foot floral sculptures to floral "food" to centerpieces made out of recycled car parts from a junk yard! Flour LA, Jr! provides an alternative activity for kids 2-12 years old (although adults love it too!) and we match the flower activities to the theme of the party. We serve a high-end clientele and work with celebrities, PR firms, and a lot of the best vendors in Los Angeles. Currently we mainly serve the Southern California area (Santa Barbara to Palm Springs to San Diego). Do you have any advice for couples or clients planning their wedding or any large event?

It truly helps to have a planner, and I'm not just saying that because I love Mint Julep. :) You guys do really awesome events by the way! I've worked on weddings/events without a planner, and it can be utter chaos. It's definitely worth the money to have a point of contact manning vendors and ensuring the event goes smoothly. For the flowers, the best thing the client can do is go with someone who's work they like and click with, and then let them (the floral designer) do their thing. Also, try not to stress about it too much. Everything always comes together and works out in the end! Enjoy the process and enjoy the day! It should be a fun experience. :) What great advice! Thanks, Carly. Oh how we love a gorgeous gal with a head for business! AND she does beautiful work AND is reliable...a winning combination in our book! When it comes time for your next event please consider Flour LA. Here are a few more images of their designs but be sure to check out their website to see even more jaw-dropping-beyond-gorgeous photos.

Contact: Flour LA, Inc., www.flourla.com, 310.227.1376

All images via www.flourla.com


{Monday Manners} Rehearsal Dinner 101

Today we are discussing Rehearsal Dinner etiquette. The wedding rehearsal is usually held the day before your wedding and is a run-through of your ceremony from beginning to end; when possible, this is always a good idea as it allows everyone involved to feel more comfortable in what they'll be doing the next day. Anyone who plays a part in the ceremony should attend. Walk through the ceremony and establish timing and the pace, go through all of the elements that are scheduled to occur and make sure everyone knows their responsibilities. Don't forget to bring a copy of the ceremony and any readings.

After the rehearsal, generally there is a Rehearsal Dinner. Now, it doesn't have to actually be a dinner, mind you; maybe you'll have the rehearsal in the morning and do a brunch or barbecue. Both are great cost effective alternatives.

Traditionally, it's been the groom's parents who are the hosts of the rehearsal dinner. Nowadays though, anything goes. Sometimes other relatives chip in or the couple themselves plan and host the event.

So, who is actually invited to this "dinner"? Well, obviously anyone who plays a role in the wedding and attends the rehearsal itself should be invited (along with their dates). But depending on the budget, sometimes the guest list to the dinner is extended to include grandparents and other family members. Some couples also include their out of town guests and the evening becomes more of a Welcome Party. This can be super fun and allows some of your guests and family to mingle and get to know each other before the wedding making the day of even that much more fun for everyone!

The truth is there really aren't any rules set in stone. It's your Wedding Eve though and you should be totally relaxed. The rehearsal dinner should be described as "comfortable" and is the perfect time to get even more personal with your guests. Maybe the dinner is held at the restaurant where you two had your first date. Or you and your fiancé, being fans of Mexican food, host a Mexican Fiesta! The options are endless.

Whatever you do, just have a great time and get to bed early! And remember not to drink too much that night; you want to be fresh as a daisy in the morning. :)

images via Pinterest


Whimsical wedding portraits? Yes!

Isn't it great when a bride and groom can let loose and get a little silly on their wedding day? Case in point: Teresa Strasser & her hubby Daniel. We had so much fun working with this couple; they kept us laughing throughout the entire planning process. And I guess we should've known that when it was time for portraits, these two would step WAY outside the box! We planned a destination wedding for them at The Venetian in Las Vegas. In a city full of great photo ops, they embraced the moment and totally let their guards down. We just love their sense of whimsy, don't you?

And how about something different for your "formal" bridal portrait? Instead of in front of the church, try hopping on top of the pool table! So great. You know they are going to have fun showing these to their kids some day!

The point is... It's YOUR day. And it can be mighty stressful. Sit back, let us do the work, and you two just concentrate on having FUN!

Images by Michael and Anna Costa

A New Year & A New Color!

Happy New Year, everyone!

This week is all about fresh starts and I think the Pantone 2013 Color of the Year is a perfect place to begin again. They chose Emerald Green this year, which is one of my all time favorite colors.

Maybe it was Pippa who got this whole thing going. Could it be so? Or perhaps it was this chevron beyond-adorable cake?

I went bananas the first time I saw images of this gal in all her green gorgeousness on her wedding day. I mean, is it legal to be this fashion forward and fabulous? Me thinks not.

Boys can get in on the Emerald Green Pantone Party Bus too!

I'm also loving the casual feel of these bridesmaid dresses for a garden wedding. But really, how pretty is that lil' prego in her on-trend dress?

And if all the images above weren't enough to get you on the Emerald Green band wagon (how could that even be possible?), this inspiration board should surely do the trick!

What's that? You want to get me those earrings? Aw. That's sweet. Message me privately and I'll give you my mailing address. :)

2013, we are ready for you and all your green glory. Bring it on!

Images: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here


NYE Wedding Inspiration!

Happy New Year's Eve, party people!

Just a quick note to wish everyone a Happy New Year along with some NYE wedding inspiration/eye candy to get you through till Wednesday. See you back here then but in the mean time, please join me in drooling over this lil' gold Monique Luillier number. And, who? I ask WHO isn't a sucker for sparklers in their ice cream and mini Champagne bottles?

Be safe tonight! We'll have a new Monday Manners post for you next week.


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