BIG NEWS!! Mint to Be is LIVE!


We have BIG NEWS! Mint Julep Social Events is now offering online dating consultation services!

These days it seems that marriage-minded singles do better online than in bars. According to an article in The Washington Post, “if you’re in the marketplace for romance, megapixels are now officially more effective than bar-side flirtations.”

Let’s face it; the rise of technology and changes in society have made it more difficult to meet people through traditional methods. People marry later, work longer hours and live farther from family members who might introduce them to a neighbor’s handsome, eligible nephew.

Meeting someone online is no different than meeting at a party, or at a restaurant. Once you’ve met, it’s real life; you either fall for each other or you don’t.

Mint to Be steps in to give you a better chance at getting to the “real life” part of that scenario. In the same way people hire resume writers to reveal, on paper, the best version of themselves (so they actually get asked to that first interview), MJSE is now offering online dating consultation services.

In the real world, we don’t always see ourselves the way other people do. And then to sing our own praises on the internet? Well, it doesn’t come natural to everyone. And that’s where MJSE comes in.

Through a series of conversations we get to know the REAL you and decide what your next move is. Whether we are getting you started in the world of online dating or revamping a dated and ineffective profile, we are here to help. Acting as your trusted confidantes, we will help you navigate the waters; you just relax, be yourself and have fun!

We did a soft launch of the Mint to Be concept in early 2012 and have since, had the pleasure of working with some great men and women in the Los Angeles area. We’ve even celebrated a Mint to Be wedding! We suspect it’s the first of many to come!

Please visit our website for package details, contact or call 323.953.0605 for more detailed information.

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  1. Karen Smiley
    5:07 pm

    Love your work! If you need a magnificent venue in South Orange County, I would love to have you come and tour Bella Collina Towne & Club in San Clemente. We are a private Club surrounded by beauty.


    Karen Smiley, Director of Sales & Events

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