Michelle Lynn Buckley

The Owner

Michelle Lynn Buckley
Good things really DO come in pint sized packages! Meet Michelle Lynn Buckley; small enough to potentially fit in your pocket and packed to the brim with enthusiasm, she is the principal event designer and owner of Mint Julep Social Events. Armed with a strong sense of style, culture and class Michelle has been planning events and exceeding client’s expectations for almost ten years now. She is known for her creative and unusual ideas, her attention to detail and her absolute discretion.

Michelle was born and raised in Los Angeles (a true rarity these days); as such, she brings valuable insight to the table when it comes to Angeleno events and all that the city has to offer. She and her team are always excited to share their expertise of local hidden gems & the unexpected quirks that give Southern California its’ unique flavor. She has also designed and produced events in other parts of the globe and is willing to hop on a plane at a moments notice. Her strong work ethic and professionalism have secured relationships with top venues and service providers the world over.

Michelle’s work has been published in several magazines and she has been a featured expert in a variety of publications and blogs. She was invited to discuss celebrity wedding details on E! Entertainment and has appeared on several nationally syndicated television programs including“Whose Wedding Is It Anyways” and TLC’s “Battle of the Wedding Designers.”

– Bachelor of Arts Degree, Chapman University


10 things Miss Buckley can’t live without:

Baths = little slices of Heaven.
Confetti and sparklers? A cupboard staple. One should always be prepared for impromptu merry-making.
Twirling. That’s right; our girl can do the Lindy, Blues AND Jive. Ask her to show you the mashed potato!
Breakfast for dinner? Why yes, please. Always.
Vintage dresses over pants…every day of the week.
Records. Long live vinyl!
Glitter. After all, sparkly things are the prettiest things.
The hula hoop. Everyone should own one. Period.
Pies & postcards. Receiving either? A total win win.
Board Games meant for kiddos? Watch out, people. She will cream you.