Our Team

The Hostesses

A Mint Julep Hostess can best be described as a delightful fusion between an Entertaining Personal Assistant and a Super-Coordinator. Not just present to check things off the to-do-list, Hostesses are problem solvers, creative designers & cheerful planners. This being said, the most notable difference between Mint Julep Social Events and other event planning firms is our consistency in method and training for all Hostesses.

Many companies will simply hire coordinators or assistants who have their own process of planning events which can sometimes work counter to a company’s mission and goals. We have created an innovative system of training and planning which ensures that all clientswill receive the same quality no matter which Hostesses they work with.


Mary Yuriko Suzuki
Mary Yuriko Suzuki, a second-generation Japanese American (nisei), earned an Interior Design degree from FIDM and is a Natori in Azuma Kotobuki Kai. She has developed a sophisticated appreciation for color, texture and pattern which she incorporates into her understanding for space, lighting and mood. Mary admits to having a bias for all things Mid-Century Modern, Art Deco and Japanese. If pressed, she will site Charles and Henry Greene, Cahrles and Ray Eames, and her father Masayasu Suzuki as influences.

Combining a well-studied appreciation and knowledge of heritage, Mary brings a synergistic fusion of culture and design to the wedding industry, offering a modern reflection of classical themes to any occasion.